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New Short Fiction Collection Now Available


Updates in Progress

Doing some spring cleaning here on the site, so over the next few days/weeks/years you'll probably see some changes and quirks.

5 Short Tales of Strange New Beginnings Free 3/15-3/17

The Kindle edition of my new collection 5 Short Tales of Strange New Beginnings is now available on Amazon. I'm offering this collection for free 3/15-3/17.

Cover for 5 Short Tales of Strange New Beginnings

What Should You Send to Beta Readers?

Cookies and beer would be a good place to start, but you probably wouldn't be able to get the media mail rate on that. Here's what I did. 

Hello, 2013

2012 was a hell of a year: Alpha was born, I released Reaction and a handful of short stories, and I rocked some grad classes. Unfortunately, I overbooked myself and had to push back the release date of Book 2. However, like a penitent adulterer, I promise to change, baby.