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#ToldTale: Marriage in Tennessee

A man named Red told me he caught his wife in bed with the minister of their church. When he caught them, Red told his wife and the minister they had five minutes before he returned with a shotgun, "for to introduce them to God." Red then went to his brother's house to retrieve his shotgun, but instead of giving him his shotgun, Red's brother put a bottle of whiskey in his hand and got him drunk.

#ToldTale: Loaner

propane flame


sign re: fracking


A trucker in a purple oxford shirt and cowboy hat decided I wanted to hear about a puppeteer and his magical city.


Met a middle-aged man from The City. He held a ragged black nylon leash, at the end of which cowered an emaciated dog with tail tucked. The man ran his hands through his curly brown hair and asked me where he should go to have a meltdown.