This is the website of the science fiction writer Seth M. Baker, author of the books Reaction and Redemption, the first and second books in the series The Emergence

About The Emergence

The Emergence is a three-part science fiction series that tells the story of a group of friends as they fight to save each other ... and themselves.

The fight was never something Amadeus, Grassal, and Lilly wanted, but circumstances thrust them into it.

The trouble all started with kipium, a type of exotic matter with a negative mass.

One curious property of kipium is its role in stabilizing Lorentzian wormholes, as demonstrated by independent researcher Dr. Tommy Brunmeier in several well-cited publications.

However, an unfortunate consequence of this property—-unmentioned by Brunmeier—-is that such demonstrations tend to manifest violent inter-dimensional demons.

And where there are violent inter-dimensional demons, there are people ready to weaponize them.

As the danger grows, so do Amadeus, Grassal, and Lilly.

But will it be enough to stop an inter-dimensional apocalypse?

Read the series to find out ...

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