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Another new story!

Goodbye, Old Angkor is now available in the Kindle Marketplace. Click here to check it out. 

A New Story!

Hey friends,  I just posted a new story called "A Good Family" on my fiction page. This is a story about a groundskeeper, his 1% overlords, and a pen full of pissed-off ostriches. I hope you enjoy it.

Like Science Fiction and Fantasy? Here's A Great Reading List

NPR asked its readers to submit their choices for the top 100 science fiction and fantasy books.  I'd say I've read about 30% of the books on this list. Currently on book 4 of the Song of Ice and Fire, though finding it a bit of a drag.

First podcast : Terminus

After a couple (admittedly unfocused) months of technical wrangling with the machine elves, I finally managed to set up the back end infrastructure necessary to upload high-quality recorded versions of my fiction and create a podcast. Here's the first story, Terminus: