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#ToldTale: Driving in Russia

Road in Kurai Steppe

#ToldTale: Dangling

A worker on a bridge After the Army, Everett became an steel worker who specialized in bridge construction. He liked dangling from a nylon rope hundreds of feet from the ground below. He joked that his job was riveting, but he never joked about the paycheck. Sometimes he made more in a month than his father had made in a year, at least until the power company paid his father for his land so they could flood his hollow and make a cooling pond.

Told Tale: The Boy from the Coal Camp

A few days ago a spry old man from the coal fields told me his story. I didn't catch his name, but let's call him Jerry.

New Feature: Told Tales

I must have one of those faces, because people like to tell me tales. I smile, nod, and sip my coffee while they tell me how their brother allowed their mother to die of neglect, how their husband got drunk and bought an airplane, or how their ancestors ended up in West Virginia by hitching a ride on a whiskey wagon.

I'm Going to Read Every Book on the NPR top 100 Science-Fiction and Fantasy Book List

I've decided to read every book in NPR's Top 100 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book List then write a short post about each book. I can't make any promises regarding frequency of updates, but I should be able to post about this project twice a month.