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Posted by: seth 7 years, 3 months ago


2012 was a hell of a year: Alpha was born, I released Reaction and a handful of short stories, and I rocked some grad classes. Unfortunately, I overbooked myself and had to push back the release date of Book 2. However, like a penitent adulterer, I promise to change, baby.

If my diabolical plans aren't foiled by events unforeseen,  I'll have plenty of time to write in 2013, since I'll be spending far less time doing stupid shit like commuting 10+ hrs/wk and grooming wookies.

Presently I'm a few days away from finishing the final editing pass on Book 2. When that's done, I'll send the manuscript off to my crack team of  beta readers.

Assuming that goes well, we're still on for a spring release. I have another novel (unrelated to the EotIA universe) in the pipeline for later this year.

Hope you all enjoyed your cabbage, fish, black-eyed peas, or whatever auspicious dishes you might consume on the first day of the year.

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