Redemption, The End of the Iron Age Book 2

Redemption - The End of the Iron Age Book 2

What do you do after saving the world from inter-dimensional demons? For Amadeus Brunmeier, the choice is easy: accept a mission to track down a traveling carnival demon, just for a change of pace.

But when Lilly’s father is murdered in custody —and she blames Amadeus— Amadeus must find the true killer, even if it means crossing lines he never thought he’d cross.

Meanwhile, Grassal and thousands of other victims of demon attacks begin to experience periods of violent psychosis. Grassal finds a treatment, but things go horribly wrong.


Kindle $2.99
Paperback: $12.99


Reaction, The End of the Iron Age Book 1 

Cover to Reaction

Socially-awkward university valedictorian Amadeus Brunmeier’s well-deserved break becomes a nightmare when gunmen invade his house, public opinion convicts him of his father’s murder, and pissed-off interdimensional demons threaten to overrun major cities across the globe.


Paperback $12.99
Kindle $2.99


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Doghead Empire ??? 

 The End of the Iron Age, Book 3. ????

Short Fiction

5 Short Tales of Strange New Beginnings 

Cover for 5 Short Tales of Strange New Beginnings

Released March 7, 2013

Demigods. Near-future dystopias. Living dead men. Human wreckage. Truck drivers. Mysteries. Untold truths. Secrets. Lies…

Contains the following stories: “Windfall,” “Us, From Evil,” “Charlie in Check,” “Second Fiddle,” and “His Own Path.”

$2.99. Kindle edition...


Goodbye, Old Angkor

Cambodian sea captain Pok Vannak has problems: most of his crew members dead, strange men have taken his ship hostage, and he thinks he may be off course by a thousand years. His captors believe he is an antiquities smuggler, and due to a language barrier, he has no way to tell them otherwise.

When a compassionate scholar enters the mix, the captain thinks he might have a way out of this mess…if he can keep everyone from killing each other.

A Good Family 

image of a mansion with a bloody window

Raymond Walter Walker’s life as the Greythorpe’s gardener is a good one: he takes pride in his topiaries, nobody bothers him about his past, and he earns enough to drink a six-pack of beer most nights. Yet, when he witnesses a crime, he learns the limits of loyalty.
“A Good Family” is a 4,400 word parable for the 99% that explores class, betrayal, and ostriches.


Terminus cover : full moon and railroad tracks

A man wakes up to find himself on a night train filled with strangers en route to an unknown destination.

The Chestnut Roaster

Cover for The Chestnut Roaster

Now that his lover is dead, the Chestnut Roaster wants only one thing out of life: to trek to the snow-covered summit of the mountain that looms in the distance.

He would’ve started his journey years ago, but filial piety keeps him in the village that reviles him…until the day fate conspires to give him the freedom and the tools he needs to achieve his dream. But the mountain is treacherous and success may prove bittersweet.