Redemption, The End of the Iron Age Book 2

Redemption - The End of the Iron Age Book 2

What do you do after saving the world from inter-dimensional demons? For Amadeus Brunmeier, the choice is easy: accept a mission to track down a traveling carnival demon, just for a change of pace.

But when Lilly’s father is murdered in custody —and she blames Amadeus— Amadeus must find the true killer, even if it means crossing lines he never thought he’d cross.

Meanwhile, Grassal and thousands of other victims of demon attacks begin to experience periods of violent psychosis. Grassal finds a treatment, but things go horribly wrong.


Kindle $4.99
Paperback: $12.99


Reaction, The End of the Iron Age Book 1 

Cover to Reaction

Socially-awkward university valedictorian Amadeus Brunmeier’s well-deserved break becomes a nightmare when gunmen invade his house, public opinion convicts him of his father’s murder, and pissed-off interdimensional demons threaten to overrun major cities across the globe.


Paperback $12.99
Kindle $4.99


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Doghead Empire ??? 

 The End of the Iron Age, Book 3. ????

Short Fiction

5 Short Tales of Strange New Beginnings 

Cover for 5 Short Tales of Strange New Beginnings

Released March 7, 2013

Demigods. Near-future dystopias. Living dead men. Human wreckage. Truck drivers. Mysteries. Untold truths. Secrets. Lies…

Contains the following stories: “Windfall,” “Us, From Evil,” “Charlie in Check,” “Second Fiddle,” and “His Own Path.”

$1.99. Kindle edition...