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I must have one of those faces, because people like to tell me tales. I smile, nod, and sip my coffee while they tell me how their brother allowed their mother to die of neglect, how their husband got drunk and bought an airplane, or how their ancestors ended up in West Virginia by hitching a ride on a whiskey wagon.

As an exercise for me and an entertainment for you, I'm going to start sharing some of these tales here.

I make no promises as to the frequency  or veracity of these anecdotes. However, I'll do my hillbilly best to make them short, cohesive, reasonably frequent, and at least mildly compelling.

P.S. If I know you personally, I'll do you the courtesy of asking permission before publishing to my little blog.

So that each piece will stand alone, the first Told Tale will be in an upcoming post, either tomorrow or the next day (or whenever I get around to writing it).

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