So the NSA Is Watching Us. Now What?

I’ve just published a piece on the PRISM scandal over at Spotsify. This was a fun one, as it allowed me to indulge my inner paranoiac. Here’s a sample:

…surely you can trust director of National Intelligence James Clapper when he writes here that Section 702 of FISA only permits targeting when there is an “appropriate, and documented, foreign intelligence purpose for the acquisition” and the foreign target is “reasonably believed to be outside the United States”?

Go ahead. Trust the government not to abuse this information. After all, according to this commentary on the original Washington Post article, PRISM analysts usually have a 51% confidence level their targets are foreign, which means there’s only a 49% chance that targets are U.S. citizens. And it’s not like the FBI and DHS would target protestors and activists in order to stifle dissent.

Who needs the first and fourth amendments, anyway?


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