Book 2 Status

I’ve had a few queries on the status of Book 2: Redemption.  Here’s what’s happening right now:

  • The final, final, almost-final draft is on my hard drive. I’m due to receive comments from two more beta readers this week. So long as they don’t uncover any major disasters (and they shouldn’t), I’ll make one more quick pass before turning it over to a copy editor. 
  • I need to select a copy editor. I worked with a few good ones on 5 Short Tales of Strange New Beginnings, so that narrows it down.
  • My cover designer Ranilo is making some final tweaks on the design. I’ll post images here as soon as it’s done.

At the earliest, the Kindle edition will be out the first or second week of July. The  print edition will happen when it happens, most likely early August.

As a consolation for the delays, here’s a picture of an alpaca (thanks to tambako).




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