#ToldTale: Loaner

propane flame

A man told me that one day his neighbor’s teenage daughter came to the door with her boyfriend. “Honor student, cheer leader, a real sweet kid. First time I had met the boyfriend,” he said.

He said she asked to borrow a pipe wrench and a propane torch. He agreed, but first he needed to show them how to safely use the torch,  “Because I’d hate for either of you to burn yourself.”

The following day, he awoke to sirens. He looked outside and saw two police cars and an ambulance parked in his neighbor’s lawn. Donning a bathrobe, he walked outside and asked a police officer what happened.

“It’s a mess in there. Some boy got his head smashed in with a pipe wrench. He’s burned real bad, too.”

“Since my fingerprints were all over the tools, they questioned me for several hours. But they eventually figured out what happened.”  The man leaned on the wall and grinned. “And that,” the man told me, “is why I never loan out my tools.”

Photo credit: naturescapesphotography

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