The Print Edition is Finally Available!

Print edition of Book 1

This bad boy arrived in the mail a couple days ago. If an EMP destroys all electronic communications and records tomorrow, at least I’ll have this one relic of my work. Perhaps I’ll be able to barter it for a goat, or maybe some nails.

Here’s the link.

Did I mention the print edition includes instructions on how to receive a free ebook version of  Reaction*? Buy the book, send me a picture of your sweet new purchase along with your preferred file format, and I’ll send you the digital file. *Starts 10/1/12.

I wish I know how to automate this, but this will have to work for now.

In other news

  • For now, the ebook is only available on Kindle, but as time permits I’ll release other formats like .mobi., .pdf, .torrent, etc.
  • Book 2 is still under steam. Over the past three months, I’ve finished a significant rewrite and a couple rounds of editing. I’m currently editing the rewrite. Once this is done, the book will go off to my team of bad-ass beta readers. When it returns, more editing will ensue, and maybe a nice multi-format release. Maybe.Realistically, I’ll do well to release the son of a bitch in one format by the end of the year.



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