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Cover to Reaction

3-27-12 21:44pm Update: During my 72 hour giveaway, 578 people downloaded this book. Reaction also his #8 in the Amazon Sci-Fi>Adventure bestseller list. Early reviews have been great, though my copy editor and I allowed a couple silly typos to slip through. (“Meat me at the river” makes me giggle like a teenager). I expect to pull the book early next week to correct these.

Two years, five countries, and one baby later, my sci-fi adventure novel Reaction is out and FREE for the next 72 hours. available on Amazon.

If you enjoy this work, I would appreciate it if you could either take a couple minutes and leave a brief review or share this work with your friends. I’m just getting started, and I need all the help I can get.

Thank You!

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  • Floyd Looney March 25, 2012, 20:12

    I found it, the other website that is.

    What a great book! It was like getting a gift. The story flows so well, I was enthralled. There were no boring flashbacks for “character development” or halts in the story for the author to describe, in agonizing detail, the function of his fictional devices. The characters are development as the story moves along, and boy does it move along!

    I think I actually learned something about writing from this book. Maybe I’ll go back and try to finish one my little monsters.


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